Luminaire Innov-is XP1

• Revolutionary built-in projector
• X-Large embroidery area: 272 x 408 mm (10.7” x 16”)
• Super long arm 13.1“ (332 mm) workspace
• Hyper wide-view camera
• Camera detecting buttonhole function
• Over 1,100 built in embroidery designs
• My Design Center

Where perfection and luxury combine

Creative perfection has never been easier. The Luminaire Innov-is XP1 is
the new ultimate in luxury sewing experience. Packed with cutting-edge
technology found nowhere else, it frees you to realise your sewing, quilting
and embroidering dreams.

Dream features designed for the sewist who seeks professional looking results.

See your designs or stitches projected direct onto the
fabric for perfect placement.
The project guide and gridlines give you easy-toachieve
professional results.
Embroider larger areas faster than ever before. Add
stippling and echo quilting at the touch of a button.
Convert scanned images into embroidery data in just a
few seconds – with no extra software required.
Create flawless buttonholes with the new lever-less
camera buttonhole detection feature.

Revolutionary projector technology – you are the artisan

• Look before you sew: project your designs and stitches directly onto the fabric
• Design as you go: adjust stitch length, width, and position directly on to the fabric – no need to go back-and-forth to the touchscreen
• Get it right first time: check the actual size and placement of the embroidery design over your chosen stitch area, depending on the size of the design.